This Spring continues to surprise us, yesterday I read this is the coldest Spring in Paso Robles since 1975. We’ve been hearing from vineyard owners/managers that they are nightly having to deal with frost in the vineyard–many of them look at us with tired eyes as they are the ones up in the middle of the night turning on the frost protection systems. Thankfully, we have not seen any damage in our vineyard, it seems that our hilltop location and strong winds through the vineyard keep the cold from settling in. It requires 4 hours of 28 degree temperatures to cause a frost alarm, we have had low temps in the middle of the night, but we’ve seen only a handful of vines showing damage.

Our BD spraying calendar has kept everyone busy:
April 11, 21 & 30–BD 500 applied in the afternoon: 20 units stirred for 1 hour and put in a backpack sprayer and applied in droplet form, 3 gallons per acre. **The spray on the 30th also consisted of cow stomach (which enhances the plants ability to absorb light and remain green for longer). Normally, we would have added this sooner in the year, but our consultant wanted to be present when applied.