What a full weekend.
We poured at Hospice du Rhone on Friday and Saturday, May 2nd & 3rd with a modicum of success for a no-name-new-winery. No deaths at the table (a good sign), with several people wanting to sign up. One kind gentleman proclaimed, “the best wine here!” (he wasn’t a relative or acquaintance), that might have been a little over board but still a pleasant comment to hear.

Whilst Mary and Phillip were pouring, Gustavo was applying a nettle tea Phillip had prepared on Thursday, 1/2 oz. per acre in about 3 gallons of water sprayed on the foliage: health and a promotion of iron balance is the main goal of this tea.

A week ago we had a minor shock with all of the Tempranillo. All of the leaves started to curl and the new growth and tendrils turned yellow (shades of Sangiovese last year, I thought). The problem didn’t get any worse than the first day I noticed it, and then held for a couple of days and before starting to improve. A week later it is all looking great, a communal flu? I’ve been told that Tempranillo in this country is a “dirty plant” because of its suitcase origins and is subject to virus attacks, so…