This is our newest addition to AmByth Estate, our golden, “El Cid”, surveying his kingdom…what a lucky dog! This is the view from the top of StoneCross Vineyard and our house, looking east towards Creston. You can see the vineyards and wheat fields surrounding us, and the gentle rolling hills. It truly is a beautiful vista. If you haven’t visited the Paso Robles area before, you are missing a stunning declaration of God’s creativity!

On the 9th, Phillip applied a tea of Nettle (#504) and Horsetail (#508) to the Mourvedre and Grenache vines in Mark’s Vineyard. He made a tea of 1-1/2 ozs of each herb simmered in water for an hour, and then diluted it in 3 gallons of water per acre. It was applied to the foliage of the plants in a fine mist. This combination brings balance and prevents or lessens the effects of fungus and mildew on the plants. Again, it was a fruit day according to the BD calendar.

The re-planting of the Grenache Blanc and Counoise blocks was completed this morning (in StoneCross Vineyard). Instead of replacing Counoise with Counoise, we opted to plant Grenache Noir in that particular block instead. So now that section has 350+ Counoise mixed with about 80 Grenache Noir vines.

Mark’s Vineyard is showing full grape set and those little grapes are beginning to swell…all varietals look great, fuller than we’ve seen in previous years. The Syrah is a bit skimpy–better than last year, but still not quite reaching it’s full potential.