Phillip and I have had two weeks to relish in our memories of our first release party, the Summer Solstice Celebration on June 21st. It was truly an amazing evening–sharing wine and food with our wine club members, friends who have supported us from the beginning, and family who traveled to help and celebrate. We watched a glorious sunset over the Santa Lucia Mountains to the west and ushered in a nearly full moon over the Creston hills to the east.
The temperature outside was perfect, dipping into the high 70’s as the evening progressed (as you may not know, it often gets in the 50’s and 60’s in the evenings bringing on quite the chill). We had Plan B, C & D for what to do in the event of uncooperative weather, but we did not have to use them, thank goodness. The ladies sat by the pool, enjoying wine as Lee and Christian (2 of my 5 brothers) topped their glasses when necessary. Later in the evening, we even had a few brave souls have a dip. There was a vast quantity of wine served (over a bottle per person!) and Phillip’s famous Paella, in addition to Stilton and Port for dessert made us all very replete.

It was a fun evening, it was an easy evening, and we’re ready to do it again! We are very happy to have seen so many wine club members and hope they will become our good friends, as we enjoy getting to know more people over a glass of wine. We feel honored to share our home and our passion, and we are very thankful to our families, the Morwoods and Harts, for their help–it is because of all of them we felt such ease and were able to relax and celebrate!