Yes, it’s true. We submitted our regular Grenache blend to Robert Parker as a part of our participation in Hospice du Rhone. We have all the typical sentiments about this man: we hold a great respect for him, yet our palates lead us in the dead opposite direction as his. He tends to extoll the virtues of big fruit, high alcohol wines. Phillip and I are extremely happy and satisified when we’re drinking lower/regular alcohol wines. You know, it’s the same-old-story.

He gave us a lousy score, an 85 (well, at least we got a score!). But it was his comments that really interested us, and then made us somewhat excited! Read for yourself:

The 2006 Estate Mark’s Vineyard is an intriguing blend of 61% Grenache and 39%
Mourvedre and Syrah. It displays attractive game-like, raspberry, fig, and
peppery notes, abundant spice, dark fruits, medium body, and admirable acidity
as well as freshness. Readers should think of it as a pleasant California-styled
Cotes du Rhone offered at a somewhat inflated price. Consume it over the next
1-2 years.

Now…to disect this wee-little commentary. An “intriguing blend…[with] admirable acidity as well as freshness…Readers should think of it as a pleasant Californi-styled Cotes du Rhone…” Holy Moly!!!! Isn’t that just what we’ve been aiming for in our style of wine: a comparison to a French Cotes du Rhone? Fantastic! We’ll take that as a compliment. Of course, we may be reading a bit more into it, but we’re happy. Hey, this is Phillip’s first commercial release…not too bad.

About the “somewhat inflated price”, the wines that he tastes at $100 & up a bottle aren’t just a tad inflated? We guess it’s all relative…our type of farming requires much more hands-on in the vineyard with slower processes (hand-weeding, multiple passes–ON FOOT–of applying BD preps, etc), an average smaller crop load and more attention paid to every little detail. We think this is worth it!