I’m sure, somewhere out there, is an organization called Future Winemakers of America, a play on Future Farmers of America–case in point, my son Bede. Here he is, thickly involved in crush, sampling just stomped grape juice, I see an addiction looming in his future. Seriously, this stuff is delicious. It is as sweet as you can get it, and much of the time this is how winemakers decide when to pick. Phillip walks the vineyards every day, sampling berries straight off the vines. You can taste their ripeness, take a look at the seeds (green seeds-not ready, brown seeds-perfectly ripe) and evaluate picking time. We do bring random clusters back to the winery to test all the numbers: pH levels, tartaric acid and brix, and when Phillip finds the perfect combination of results, he sends out the cry for help: a harvest e-mail.
Lorraine and Louie from Orange County and L.A.
Thanks again to all of those who faithfully show up in the mornings, ready to work! Dennis remains the #1 picker, but Paul Sowerby gets honorable mention, he is our best friend and we summoned him for help. He drives 50 minutes 1 way to get to our place, from his personal slice of heaven in the hills above Lake San Antonio. He showed up this Saturday and Sunday–THANK YOU E!!!!