After a long, long, long 3 year back and forth with our county, we have finally broken ground on our winery building! Initially, we designed a very large, architecturally “modern” winery enabling us to utilize gravity for all aspects of winemaking instead of using pumps, we were to have barrel storage underground, we planned a beautiful tasting room, etc. etc. etc. But the county made our dream building nearly impossible for us to build, so we scrapped that plan and moved the location of the winery to another building site on the property and are now erecting a very basic building–a winery that is purely functional, no underground storage, and no public tasting room, and sadly, no use of gravity (except utilizing the forklift when necessary). We expect the building to be complete in about 6 weeks, come on over to celebrate!

We have a Yarrow Tea made that will brew for 2 weeks before we apply it to the vineyards. Yarrow, BD preperation 502, is a lovely herb. It is used for reproduction and growth functions, and it has a strong connection to potassium and sulphur. It’s Latin name, Achillea millefolium, is derived from the legend that Achilles used yarrow on his men for it’s wound-healing powers. We use it to attract trace elements that vitalizes potassium.

Janis Switzer published a nice article about is in our local rag:
Check it out!