AMEN!! You can hear it resonating through the hills of Paso Robles from the lips of farmers, we had our first rain! It is a joyous occasion, in our home we opened all the doors and windows just to breathe the raw dampness on the air and to hear the drops softly falling all around us. We measured just under 1/4″, but this is sufficient to get the grasses and weeds growing in the vineyards to stop erosion for the next big downpour.
Hence, Phillip is out this very moment, not even 4 hours from the last shower to broadcast the manure pile. We don’t speak about it much, but our compost pile is perhaps one of the most vital parts of farming at AmByth Estate, and for other Biodynamic farmers as well. Every year, when we bring fresh manure onto the property, it is inoculated with the BD preperations (preps). This means we put all the herbs: yarrow, chamomile, nettle, oakbark, dandelion and valerian in small dosages throughout the pile. As the pile ages over a course of a year, the preps act as “carriers” or “catalysts” in the pile–contributing their trace mineral elements and bringing life to the pile. The compost is generally spread after the first rains, and Phillip follows-up with a thorough disking through the vineyards before letting them rest for the winter.
Phillip and Gustavo applied the 14 day-old yarrow and barrel compost tea, this time they sprayed in the 20 acres of woods we have also. We are right now putting the fencing around the woods to bring our 2 cows to the property!