Phillip and I want to extend our most sincere wishes for everyone to have a Blessed Christmas!

We also welcome Oreo and Negrito to AmByth Estate, our 2 steers! They seem to be adapting extremely well, and it is quite fulfilling to see them and have their presence here. Every day there is a definite excuse to take a long and refreshing walk, “hey, it’s time to check on the boys!” Bede is especially getting a kick out of them…so are Zorro and Cid (literally!).
I’ve been quite remiss in reporting a few recent events…we harvested olives November 29th, with help from Christian, Kathryn and kids (Savannah Morwood shown above, age 3), and Lety, Gustavo and Joanna. We had a tiny harvest (about 100 pounds), as most of our olive flowers were blown away by high winds just before setting their fruit, but at least we have enough for a year round supply of salt-brined black olives. Delicious!

And once again, the compost pile is complete with the addition of the preps and covered with hay. Phillip inserted everything last Saturday, the 20th.