10 years ago today, this passage was read to us, by our best man, at our wedding:

“Think: What if the sky doesn’t fall? What if it’s glorious? What if the house is transformed in three years? There will be by then hand-printed labels for the house’s olive oil, thin linen curtains pulled across the shutters for siesta, jars of plum jam on the shelves, a long table for feasts under the linden trees, baskets piled by the door for picking tomatoes, arugula, wild fennel, roses and rosemary. And who are we in that strange new life?” Taken from ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’ by Frances Mayes, pg.20

I must confess, 10 years ago, listening to Paul read this to us I had no clue why he would have chosen this particular passage…
Recently Phillip and I watched our wedding video, and when we watched Paul read this, we both looked at each other in amazement…as this is our life NOW! But who would have thought this 10 years ago? Truly, we had no idea that our lives would be so transformed: permanently moving from Orange County to Templeton, planting our vineyard, producing wine with our own label, making plum jam (which I have made quite a bit this year), having full baskets of produce grown outside our very doors, growing olive trees, rearing animals, having tables full of friends and family feasting and fellowshipping.
And this “strange new life” now consists of having 3 sons, Gelert (24), Morgan (22) and our 3 year old, Bede, who was and is a total surprise and joy!
Amidst our decade, we have suffered the tragic loss of Phillip’s brother, Mark. But he lives on with us, through our farming and Phillip’s memories of growing up on a farm with him in Wales.

We feel blessed, we are happy and we are together doing what we love! May God heap many, many more decades upon us…