We had a Super Moon dinner party this past Saturday, Mary was excited to open a bottle she spied at the local wine shop, a 1998 Vouvray from Clos du Bourg ($52). But a greater surprise came in the selections our guests brought: a 2010 Chateau d’Epire,  Savennieres, a 2007 Movia Sauvignon Blanc (with skin contact), an Albarino from Verdad in Santa Barbara (BD), and we threw in a 1993 Chave white Hermitage! We lament when we hear, “I’m not really a white wine drinker”, there are so many INCREDIBLE white wines from every country! We’ve become avid white drinkers, often concluding our evenings with a fantastic white wine. They have acidity and brightness, they are clean on the palate and the aromas are intense. The star of the night was the ’98 Vouvray (plus the ’93 Hermitage), but they were all fantastic wines! (If you have a chance to purchase wines made by Movia, do so! They are out of Slovenia and are making interesting and delicious wines…but they are hard to find.) A little underrated in this star-studded cast was the Verdad Albarino, but we enjoyed the remainder of it Sunday and it is a lovely wine. We’re excited about taking a trip soon to Santa Barbara to check out more of the wines of Verdad!