Wine Additives…’Tis True, Such Things Do Exist

Without mentioning names, and without mentioning my opinion, I just wanted to share this with the general public. Yesterday, we received in the mail a flyer from a company who makes “Flavors for Wines”. They go on to state that they are:

“in the business of developing, manufacturing, and supplying liquid and dry flavors…[they have] a talented staff of flavor chemists that are charged with the mission of creating high quality, impactful, cost effective, shelf stable, sustainable and market relevant flavors…[they have] extensive knowledge in applying flavors to wine…”

This is the kicker, this supplier states that their portfolio “consists of stock flavors that can be utilized for flavoring characterized wines…or providing taste accent notes to wines. The flavors are TTB approved” (my stress placed on the TTB bit).

Wine additives…did you know it? Here are some of the additives: chocolate, oak, strawberry, cherry, etc. So when we taste a wine and get a hint of these flavors, how are we to know if they are naturally occurring, or added, since it is perfectly allowable in the wine industry?(!!!)

My advice? Know who you’re buying your wine from. Ask them if they use flavor additives. Ask them if they make tannin, acid, or color adjustments to a finished wine. Again, get to know the winemakers and inquire about their wine making philosophies.

AmByth Estate DOES NOT and will not ever use wine additives. We are prohibited from using such techniques in the wine making process since we are certified Biodynamic. And to know our real opinion…give us a call! Let’s just say this, will the wine industry ever be required to have a list of ingredients on the back of every bottle of wine?

And some say “let the wine make itself”…