AmByth Estate believes in producing wines that are made with minimal intervention: letting the wine make itself. We do not use additives or other winemaking gimmicks to manipulate the fruit that comes from our vineyards. Many factors influence that year’s crop, and we want to taste these influences in the wine. We do not fine or filter and we use only native yeasts.  We gently foot crush our red grapes and let them set on their stems and skins until full fermentation has taken place. We also strive to produce wines lower in alcohol levels, so that we have drinkable wines which create that magical harmony between wine and food. Wine is a lover of food, it should caress and bring out the very best.

We are proud to make interesting natural wines, wines that definitely tell you you're drinking AmByth wines. As of 2011, all wines are made with Zero Added Sulfites (with the exception of 2011 Red Table Wine, which has 14ppm added). The wines are aged in neutral oak barrels, stainless steel, or terra cota amphoras handmade in Italy.


Library Wines & Tasting Notes:

2006 Grenache/Mourvedre/Syrah--No Added Sulfites

October 12, 2009:  we drank this under a beautiful full moon with a white been soup stocked full of tomatoes from the garden.  It is an absolute "must" to decant this wine, at least 2 to 4 hours before drinking, and it is worth of a big glass:  a proper large bowl glass.  It exhibited an incredible nose with loads of fruit and fresh, crisp plums.  Mary sensed a deep, earthy aroma and thought the wine tasted young and youthful.  Phillip enjoyed the long-lasting taste on the palate.  If you have this wine in your cellar, it is drinkable now, but it still has more years to develop and open up.


Current Releases:


2012 Marsanne
2012 Marsanne

2012 Viognier
A bright and lively Viognier made in a red wine style: the freshly stomped juice remained on its skins and stems for 14 days during fermentation. This gives the wine a lovely orange hue and deep tannins. No Added Sulfites

2012 Priscus Amphora

Grenache Blanc 63%, Marsanne 16%, Viognier 14%, Roussanne 7%. This wine aged in an 800 liter clay vessel called Amphora. We believe this lets the wine breathe through the aging process without imparting any oak characteristics and flavors. Priscus latin "venerable, ancient", has a healthy dose of sediment, please decant before serving. 13.14% alc by volume

84 cases produced

2012 Decorus
Viognier 54%, Marsanne 19%, Roussanne 18%, Grenache Blanc 9% Alc by Vol 13.9%

2012 Rosé Amphora
Grenache 59%, Mourvedre 29%, Counoise 12% Our Rose was aged for eleven months in an 800 liter terra cota amphora before bottling. It is a rich rosé with a full body and mouth feel. 90 cases produced, 13.69% alc by volume

2010 Adamo-Grenache 62%/21% Syrah/Mourvedre 10%/Counoise 7%
Adamo (latin: to fall in love with, to find pleasure in) reflects the lovely femininity of Grenache when harvested at reasonable brix levels. This wine showcases a clean and captivating nose of dark berry fruit and smoke. The palate offers loads of tension and concentration. It has so much to say but has decided to wait before revealing all of its story. Time will polish even more the lovely velvety tannins. Give this wine 5 or 10 years, or decant a week before serving...seriously ;). 10 ppm Total Added Sulfites 13.69% alc by volume

2010 ReVera--Mourvedre 46%/Grenache 23%/Syrah 23%/Counoise 8%
Revera (latin for "in truth") 13.68% alc by volume, 10 ppm total added sulfites

2010 Maiestas--Syrah 54%/Grenache 27%/Mourvedre 12%/Counoise 7%

2010 Venustas
Sangiovese 79%, Tempranillo 21% We thought we cleverly invented this perfect blend between acid and tannic flavors by combining the two grapes, however on a trip to Tuscany we learned that indeed, some of the older vineyards present in the Chianti area are planted to Sangiovese with a few Tempranillo (Malvasia Nera) plants thrown in there. In fact, these grapes have been blended for eons. This is Phillip's favorite of the Sangio/Temp blends. 80 cases produced. 13.31% alc by volume

2010 Validus
Tempranillo 70%, Sangiovese 30% This is the brute of the offering, and one of Mary's favorites. You will find the slightest trace of oak in this wine (very unlike the other AmByth offerings). It is indeed Tempranillo. 56 cases. 13.17% alc by volume

2011 Bailey Zinfandel--No Added Sulfites, Organic
You’ll find a nose of wild mountain berries with white pepper spice (lots of white pepper!) followed in the mouth by a taste of a magnificent fresh fruit compote. It is quite unlike any Zin you’ve had before! It is a young wine, but it is beautifully complex and aged in its character, we are quite smitten with it. CCOF certified organic Zinfandel from the Bailey Ranch, 13.9% alcohol

2011 CrossLynn Zinfandel
75% Zinfandel 25% Grenache