AmByth Estate believes in producing wines that are made with minimal intervention: letting the wine make itself. We do not use additives or other winemaking gimmicks to manipulate the fruit that comes from our vineyards. Many factors influence that year’s crop, and we want to taste these influences in the wine. We do not fine or filter and we use only native yeasts.  We gently foot crush our red grapes and let them set on their stems and skins until full fermentation has taken place. We also strive to produce wines lower in alcohol levels, so that we have drinkable wines which create that magical harmony between wine and food. Wine is a lover of food, it should caress and bring out the very best.

We are proud to make interesting natural wines, wines that definitely tell you you're drinking AmByth wines. As of 2011, all wines are made with Zero Added Sulfites (with the exception of 2011 Red Table Wine, which has 14ppm added). The wines are aged in neutral oak barrels, stainless steel, or terra cota amphoras handmade in Italy.



Current Releases:


2013 Roussanne Half Bottle (375ml)
100% Roussanne This wine might go into the next century. If I'm not correct bring it back for a refund in 2100. A massive dry nose with explosive taste found in our orange wines. An excellent finisher.

2016 Sauvignon Blanc Orange Wine Amphora
100% Sauvignon Blanc. Not your typical Sauvignan Blanc. With 10 months skin contact, fermentation and ageing in Amphora for 1 year this S.B. has tropical notes of lychee and kiwi with slight tannins, perfect balance of acidity and minerality to be enjoyed on its own or accompanied with food. Not your typical white wine.

2016 Grenache Blanc Amphora
100% Grenache Blanc

2016 "California" Priscus Vitrified Clay Egg
Grenache Blanc 62%, Vioginer 30%, Marsanne 5%, Roussanne 3% By now everyone is familiar with the 4 year drought which ended in 2016. However that didn't help our 2016 harvest. Our solution... All Biodynamic Grapes from our own vineyard, from Martian Ranch in Santa Barbara and from Narrow Gate in El Dorado. 3 locations in California, all perfectly grown, non chemically treated grapes. A beautiful straw color. Spring comes to mind (i know, it’s fall). Think flowers, light, blue sky. Immediately approachable, woops, glass empty.

2016 California Decorus --- Just Released!
64% Vioginer, 23% Grenache Blanc, 8% Marsanne, 5% Roussanne

2015 Grenache Blanc Orange Wine Amphora
100 % Grenache Blanc. This saw 10 days of skin contact during fermentation and ageing in Amphora for one year before bottling. From Martian Ranch vineyards outside of Los Alamos this GB expresses massive rose and flower garden aroma. Juicy pear, honeydew melon, green Apple and rich minerals with classic AmByth acid dance on the tongue with a lingering spicy finish.

2015 Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé
100% Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé Created from Grapes from our friends at Pine Hawk Vineyards 20 minutes north of us, this fruit is outstanding. I know California Cab is cliched so much as being comparable to other cabs around the world but this really is no exception. Shepherded AmByth style, foot stomped and slight skin contact before pressed and aged 16 months in neutral oak barrel give it a darker color and a non- oak bomb, contrary to other Cab Rose's on the market. The mouth feel is so light and elegant, perfect for a hot sunny day, shoot, even a cold cloudy one.

2014 Cabernet Sauvignon
85% Cabernet Sauvignon, 15% Syrah Pine Hawk Vineyard When we released this wine 6 months ago, I thought it was fun that we had made a Cab that I could drink (regular big oak blahh, just doesn’t do it) but in truth it wasn’t my every day choice. Time has advanced and the slight tooty-fruity has gone. In its place is a far more serious wine. If this is what 6 months does I do believe I’ll grab a couple of cases for our personal cellar.

2014 Zinfandel
100% Zinfandel PorQue Vineyard I make no bones about it to anyone who asks. Zin is not my favorite quaff. All that jammy fruit forward stuff, mmmh? No surprise we made something different. 13.4% alc., almost subdued. Of course there’s tons of fruit, it’s Zin, but there’s a lot more also. For me, very young, as such it’s rambunctious and excitable, and, fun. Zinfandel is the most Chameleon style grape on the planet. Drink now for fun, drink later for surprises.

2013 Ti a Fi --- Just Released!
37% Syrah, 25% Tempranillo, 22% Grenache, 16% Sangiovese

2013 Counoise --- Just Released!
100% Couoise

2013 Syrah --- Just Released!
100% Syrah

2013 Tempranillo
100% Tempranillo It is really fun to drink a tempranillo (think rioja) with zero oak addition. The grape has tremendous life. Full of fruit but well balanced by natural tannins. I'm tasting it right now with summer fare but truly it cries out for bigger flavors. Drink now or anytime in the next 20 years, the changes will be a ride.

2013 Sangiovese
100% Sangiovese Sherman Smoot of Bella Luna Winery & I thought this wine was perfect with snooker, cigars, jamon & olives on a wednesday afternoon. A bright shining star.

2013 Mourvédre
100% Mourvédre Earth, that’s the first reaction after the sip. Longevity, life, evoking intensity overload for the senses. We've always said great things about our Mourvedre, nothing changes with this one.

2013 Grenache Noir
100% Grenache Noir Sweet, sweet, Grenache (this is fruit I’m talking about, not residual sugar). I think I have a sweet tooth for our Grenache. Mostly Amphora based which certainly doesn’t hurt but I think we are very fortunate. The plants love being where they are, and we love the plants.

2012 ReVera
Mourvédre 56% / Grenache 22% / Counoise 12% / Syrah 10% Unlike the syrah and grenache this wine doesn't leap, it's a blend and it requires thought. Each mouth taste is different, sometimes the earth of the mourvedre, sometimes the highlights of grenache or deepness of syrah. Then the hidden element, counoise, this is so much fun, no one knows what counoise tastes like so when your tasting, look for the hidden element.

2012 Passito Half Bottle (375ml)
75% Sangiovese, 25% Tempranillo. This passito-style red wine was made from grapes hand-harvested and hung to dry and shrivel for two weeks to concentrate the juice. The wine aged in a 225 liter neutral oak barrel for 24 months before bottling. Initially sweet upon first encounter but surprisingly packed with a balanced acid finish. No added sulfites.

2008 Gran Reserva Artist Series
Tempranillo 50%, Sangiovese 50%. This is the first release of our Gran Reserva estate wine. This wine aged for 25 months in new and used American oak barrels then aged in bottles for more than 36 months before release. It is our sincere desire that you savor our Gran Reserva as much as we enjoyed crafting it. We are pleased to inaugurate this artist's series wine collection with a view of our vineyard painted by Phillip's brother, Mat Hart. Only select vintages will be chosen to produce a Gran Reserva. May the artistry of the painting and the give you a joy of life. 28 cases produced, 12.2% alc by volume. Contains sulfites.

2016 AmByth Hard Apple Cider (Still) 750ml
Wild Foraged Mendocino Apples, aged1yr 750 ml

2016 AmByth Wild Mendo Hard Cider 750ml
2016 AmByth Wild Mendo Hard Cider 750ml

2016 AmByth Mendo Scumpy Spritz Hard Cider 600ml
2016 AmByth Mendo Scumpy Spritz Hard Cider 600ml

2017 AmByth Scrumpy Syrah Spritz Hard Cider 600ml
2017 AmByth Scrumpy Syrah Spritz Hard Cider 600ml

2017 Extra Virgin Olive Oil 375ml (half bottle)
2017 AmByth Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2017 Extra Virgin Olive Oil 750ml
2017 AmByth Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 liter Mini Terra Cotta Amphora With 2017 EVOO
AB's 2017 Extra Virgin Olive Oil in 1 Liter Terra Cotta Mini Amphora with $32.50 oil refills. Includes stainless pour spout Made in the small town of Impruneta, in the hills of Florence, Italy. This mini Amphora embossed with the AmByth logo is made in the same kiln as our wine vessels and will last for ages as it is thick and strong. Presented in box of colorful confetti and personal note if desired.