AmByth Estate believes in producing wines that are made with minimal intervention: letting the wine make itself. We do not use additives or other winemaking gimmicks to manipulate the fruit that comes from our vineyards. Many factors influence that year’s crop, and we want to taste these influences in the wine. We do not fine or filter and we use only native yeasts.  We gently foot crush our red grapes and let them set on their stems and skins until full fermentation has taken place. We also strive to produce wines lower in alcohol levels, so that we have drinkable wines which create that magical harmony between wine and food. Wine is a lover of food, it should caress and bring out the very best.

We are proud to make interesting natural wines, wines that definitely tell you you're drinking AmByth wines. As of 2011, all wines are made with Zero Added Sulfites (with the exception of 2011 Red Table Wine, which has 14ppm added). The wines are aged in neutral oak barrels, stainless steel, or terra cota amphoras handmade in Italy.


Library Wines & Tasting Notes:

2006 Grenache/Mourvedre/Syrah--No Added Sulfites

October 12, 2009:  we drank this under a beautiful full moon with a white been soup stocked full of tomatoes from the garden.  It is an absolute "must" to decant this wine, at least 2 to 4 hours before drinking, and it is worth of a big glass:  a proper large bowl glass.  It exhibited an incredible nose with loads of fruit and fresh, crisp plums.  Mary sensed a deep, earthy aroma and thought the wine tasted young and youthful.  Phillip enjoyed the long-lasting taste on the palate.  If you have this wine in your cellar, it is drinkable now, but it still has more years to develop and open up.


Current Releases:


2014 Priscus
Just Released!

2013 Roussanne Half Bottle (375ml)
Just Released! 100% Roussanne. 2013 was a difficult year as the California drought raged on and the Rousanne would not fully ripen. We hung the harvested grapes to dry and shrivel to concentrate their juices. This lends for the intense aromas and flavors of the wine, giving it also a medium straw color. No added sulfites.

2010 Sangiovese
100% Sangiovese. Scathing blackberry, a hint of licorice, even some tangerine - It has an elegant fine graininess and yet is supple on the tongue. What does this wine not have?

2010 Tempranillo
100% Tempranillo. What amazing aging potential, which is why we held it back a few years. It is a chewy beast (with 12.6% alcohol!!). All the classic foods are recommended. Bar B Q meat, roasts, or intense veggies with pepper sauce. Or hold it another 20 years and drink it with anything at all.

2010 Venustas
Sangiovese 79%, Tempranillo 21% We thought we cleverly invented this perfect blend between acid and tannic flavors by combining the two grapes, however on a trip to Tuscany we learned that indeed, some of the older vineyards present in the Chianti area are planted to Sangiovese with a few Tempranillo (Malvasia Nera) plants thrown in there. In fact, these grapes have been blended for eons. This is Phillip's favorite of the Sangio/Temp blends. 80 cases produced. 13.31% alc by volume

2013 Zinfandel
78% Zinfandel, 22% Grenache Zero added sulfites

2011 ReVera
Just Released! Mourvedre 58% / Counoise 19% / Grenache 12% / Syrah 11% - Youthful, vibrant, not hesitant in the slightest. As with all AmByt wines, whites and reds alike, tremendous aging potential but will not disappoint now. Zero added sulfites.

2011 Adamo
Just Released! Grenache 66% / Counoise 13% / Mourvedre 11% / Syrah 10% Grenache is showing quite large, less integration with the other varietals, more jagged, jumping around in the mouth. Time will not be an enemy of this baby. Natural wine is just soooo much fun!! Zero added sulfites

2010 ReVera--Mourvedre 46%/Grenache 23%/Syrah 23%/Counoise 8%
ReVera (latin: in truth). This wine is aptly named, we feel Mourvedre has the expression of the earth--of walking through the vineyards and inhaling the scents of provincial herbs wafting on the winds. The nose is pretty straight-forward “animale”, gamey and intriguing when encountered for the first time. But it quickly transforms itself into a meaty rich wine with intensely packed dark fruit flavors with seriously strong tannins.

2010 Maiestas--Syrah 54%/Grenache 27%/Mourvedre 12%/Counoise 7%
Maeistas (latin: majesty, dignity), You're greeted with the classical deep, dark color of Syrah in your glass. The aroma mirrors the appearance: deep and dark and wonderfully fruity, we find a beautiful expression of lavender aromas. This Syrah based wine has its own sweet fruit, but different from the cherry-like fruit of Grenache, it is more of the rich earthy, brooding fruit that has depth and great dimension with an incredible lingering after taste. The acidity is admirable, and the flavors are delightful.

2012 Passito Half Bottle (375ml)
Just Released! 75% Sangiovese, 25% Tempranillo. This passito-style red wine was made from grapes hand-harvested and hung to dry and shrivel for two weeks to concentrate the juice. The wine aged in a 225 liter neutral oak barrel for 24 months before bottling. Initially sweet upon first encounter but surprisingly packed with a balanced acid finish. No added sulfites.

2008 Gran Reserva Artist Series
Tempranillo 50%, Sangiovese 50%. This is the first release of our Gran Reserva estate wine. This wine aged for 25 months in new and used American oak barrels then aged in bottles for more than 36 months before release. It is our sincere desire that you savor our Gran Reserva as much as we enjoyed crafting it. We are pleased to inaugurate this artist's series wine collection with a view of our vineyard painted by Phillip's brother, Mat Hart. Only select vintages will be chosen to produce a Gran Reserva. May the artistry of the painting and the give you a joy of life. 28 cases produced, 12.2% alc by volume. Contains sulfites.