2016 "California" Priscus Vitrified Clay Egg

2016 "California" Priscus Vitrified Clay Egg


2016 Priscus “California”

Varietal: Grenache Blanc 62% | Viognier 30% | Marsanne 5% | Roussanne 3%

Appellation: California

Vineyard: Martian Ranch, Los Alamos, CA. Narrow Gate, El Dorado County, CA. Ambyth Estate, Paso Robles, CA

Cert and Farm: All Biodynamic. Ambyth- 15% of juice, dry farmed

Aging Vessel and time: 12 months 675L Vitrified Clay Egg (Australian)

Yeast, Sulfites, Additions: Native, None

Alc: 12.84%

Cases Produced: 72

Vinification: Hand harvested early mornings from each vineyard. Ambyth’s portion (about 15%) blend of Grenache Blanc, Marsanne, Viognier, Roussanne was foot stomped whole cluster and left on skins for 48 hours in open top stainless tank. Most Grenache Blanc in blend is from Martian Ranch and was pressed immediately at the winery following harvest and fermented in open top amphora for 12 days. Most Viognier in blend is from Narrow Gate and was pressed immediately at the winery following harvest and fermented in open top stainless for 16 days. The portions from each were then blended into a 675 liter Vitrified Clay Egg (Australian) and aged for just over 10 months. The wine was then racked off the sediment during descending moon into stainless, left to settle in outside cold during the nights, and then racked again during descending moon and bottled.

Tasting Notes: By now everyone is familiar with the 4 year drought which ended in 2016. However that didn't help our 2016 harvest. Our solution... All Biodynamic Grapes from our own vineyard, from Martian Ranch in Santa Barbara and from Narrow Gate in El Dorado. 3 locations in California, all perfectly grown, non chemically treated grapes. A beautiful straw color. Spring comes to mind (i know, it’s fall). Think flowers, light, blue sky. Immediately approachable, woops, glass empty.

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